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Zap-It Drains Inc offers Tips on Avoiding Sewer & Drain Emergencies

Over the last decade, Zap-It Drains Inc has been called to dozens of expensive and smelly sewer and drain emergencies. Sometimes these events could not have been easily detected or prevented.

Experience has taught us, though, that there are often warning signs that a problem is developing, and there are preventive measures homeowners can take to minimize and even eliminate problems.

Watch for mysterious water and nasty smells.

If you find unexplained water around your basement floor drain or smell sewer gas in your basement or coming from any plumbing fixture (a sink or tub, for example), give Zap-It Drains a call. These are symptoms of problems, like a partial sewer blockage, that should be diagnosed and treated promptly. Our estimates are always free.

Burping drains take more than an “excuse me” to fix.

A burping sink or bathtub drain isn't just rude – it's a sign that there is a partial blockage in your drain pipe. If left untreated, a partial blockage can escalate to a more costly problem. Look after this issue sooner rather than later.

Test for cracks.

A properly functioning basement floor drain will have water in it to prevent the escape of noxious sewer gases into your home. Perform this simple test to see if your floor drain is working well: Pour some water into the floor drain and check on the water level the next day. If the water is significantly lower or has vanished altogether, you have a crack in the trap which needs to be fixed.

Backup we can all do without.

Storms are getting more intense and the risk of basement flooding and sewer backups is increasing. Zap-It Drains often recommends the installation of a sewer check valve (also called a sewer backup valve or backwater valve) which automatically closes in the event of a sewer backup to prevent waste from the public sewer from entering your home.

Contact Zap-It Drains for a free quote on the installation of a sewer check valve – it's a peace of mind investment that will serve you well into the future!

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Get the fat out.

Pouring or rinsing fats, oils and grease down the drain risks clogging your pipes and causing a sewer backup. Running hot water down the drain when disposing of grease or fat isn't enough to alleviate that risk. The best strategies are to pour any fat or grease into your green box and wipe down your greasy pots and pans with a paper towel before washing them.

Spy before you buy.

Before purchasing a resale home, call Zap-It Drains to conduct an affordable video sewer inspection of the premises. Our equipment and training allow us to diagnose potential drain and sewer problems which building inspectors cannot assess, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in future sewer repairs.

Another helpful hint: Visit the home you're considering buying on a rainy day. It's a great way to determine if water is getting into the basement.

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